Sika Sustainability Strategy

Sika continued to implement its 2014-2018 sustainability strategy in 2015. With the avowed aim of “enhancing utility and reducing negative impacts,” the company continued to pursue its six strategic target areas that focus on economic performance, sustainable solutions, local communities/society, energy, waste/water and safety. A recent survey of interested stakeholders revealed that these points of emphasis are the right ones and that the system of targets will remain correct in the
future.Through its products, systems and solutions, Sika strives to create long-term benefits and added value for all its stakeholders and to reduce resource consumption and impacts associated with production significantly (see also “Sustainable Development”on page 37ff. of the download version of this report).

Among the chief instruments again employed to globally implement the sustainability strategy in the year under review were the “More Value – Less Impact” campaign as well as the introduction at local level of the new target and reporting system in line with the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4). A summary of the key results and findings is presented on the following pages. Full details are available here.