Find expert solutions for integrated, fully compatible products for construction and repairs of industrial and manufacturing facilities, from basement to roof, interior to exterior.


SikaSmart construction solutions can solve many challenges in manufacturing facility construction:

  • Refurbishment of metal, bitumen or polymeric roof
  • Green roof, solar roof, exposed roof, gravel ballasted roof
  • Metal roof imitations
  • Roof graphics
  • Concrete, glass or tackpanel facade
  • Concrete admixture
  • Concrete refurbishment
  • Concrete strengthening
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Steel corrosion and fire protection
  • Joint sealing in secondary containment
  • Acid protection in secondary containment
  • Flooring and sealing solutions for floor areas in cleanrooms, logistics and storage, wet production, dry production, extreme exposure, offices, indoor parking, ESD protection, etc.