As part of its growth strategy, Sika is further expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region by founding a subsidiary company in Myanmar and opening a new production plant in Sri Lanka. This will help the company to further utilize market potential and consolidate its strong position in one of the most important growth regions.

The foundation of Sika Myanmar represents another milestone in the build-up of operations in emerging markets. Sika has been supplying the Myanmar market with high-quality products imported from neighboring countries for many years. With its own subsidiary Sika is now ideally positioned to serve the fast growing construction sector and benefit from the extensive local investments in infrastructure. With the new company in Myanmar, Sika now has subsidiaries in 91 countries around the world.

In a further development of its growth strategy, Sika is also expanding its presence in Sri Lanka where it has opened a new concrete admixture plant in Ekala. The factory will produce a range of high-end additives for the construction industry, allowing Sika to supply the local market directly and be part of the dynamic development of the construction activities in the country.

Sika’s growth in emerging markets is an important part of the overall business strategy to strengthen supply chains and improve customer access around the world, resulting in locally available, high quality products for the construction industry.