The rapid development of building material technology has given birth to a variety of useful new building materials and is able to overcome problems in building homes. One of them is instant cement.

Why use mortars for your projects?

Mortar cement or known as instant cement is a type of cement that can be directly applied without the need for a mixture of additional materials is the right choice. Instant mortar cement can be applied to install bricks, wall fixtures, plaster, ceramic tiles and much more.

Using instant cement to build a house or renovate is a very appropriate choice. Instant mortar cement consists of a mixture of sand, cement or binder, lime and also special additives so it is very efficient in terms of time.

Instant cement does not require the addition of materials such as sand to make a cement mixture like if using ordinary cement. Simply mix the instant cement with water, stir it, and the cement is ready to use. Building a house will save time.

Advantages of using Sika mortars

New Mortar Plant in Ethiopia, November 2019
  • Produced in factories so that the quality and quantity can be trusted when compared with manufacturing in the field
  • Easier and More Practical
  • Quality Guaranteed Raw Materials
  • Save Time and Cost
  • Higher Adhesion
  • Power Spreads Wider
  • The addition of additives to the mortar can overcome the occurrence of raised floors, cracked / cracked walls, etc.