Sika supplies a wide range of innovative Facade, Fenestration and Insulated Glass products to meet every demanding structural glazing application. These products allow architects to strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency in the facades they utilize.

Sustainable construction begins with an efficient building envelope. As the single largest building element, the building envelope or building shell separates the interior of the building from the external environment and includes the roof, walls, windows, glazing, floors and all the joints in between.

A high-performance envelope must meet the project’s requirements for acoustic, thermal, structural, visual, air-quality, fire-resistant, watertight, temperature-control and aesthetic needs. Along with this great responsibility, the building envelope presents great opportunities to enhance sustainability and reduce long-term costs of buildings throughout their life.  

Homes can lose as much as
of their heating and cooling energy through cracks and gaps in the building envelope.*

*Source: Energy Star, “Tight Construction”

The energy lost through a building's walls, roofs and windows is the largest single waste of
in most buildings, especially those in hot climates. As a result, the energy efficiency of a building often depends on the materials that help create its envelope.**

**Source: USGBC, “Building Green with Energy Efficient Materials”

The annual required cooling energy for an entire building can be reduced by over
when passive thermal building envelope design and material selection strategies such as insulation, joint sealing, color and glazing systems are implemented together.***

***Source: Cheung, et al. “Energy-efficient Envelope Design for High-rise Apartments”

Creating Bold and Durable Designs for Glass Facades

The knowledge about glass properties creates a growing demand for bolder and creative facade design with more natural lighting.

Sika offers a full range of solutions for insulated glass manufacturing, structural glazing and weather sealing, thereby ensuring system compatibility. With its profound competence in opaque and glass facades alike, Sika is the ideal partner for planners and applicators of all kinds on building envelopes.

Bonding Excellence
Sika not only delivers reliable and certified products, we also ensure our products are being applied the correct way. Our BONDING EXCELLENCE program helps defining a workflow with responsibilities and tasks for facade projects. Ensure your project is executed in a most professional way with BONDING EXCELLENCE.

Mahanakorn Building in Bangkok, Thailand
experience in
glass facades
facade projects realized with
Sikasil® Engineering Silicones

Building Envelope Solutions for All Types of Buildings

  Application of Sika SikaHyflex® sealants to join glass to glass
Glass to glass joint

For non-porous substrates like glass, Sika's SikaHyflex® silicone sealants are the perfect choice. See all our joint sealing solutions.

Learn more about our structural glazing solutions.

Application of SikaHyflex® sealants to joint metal to glass
Glass to metal joint

For non-porous substrates like metal and glass, Sika's SikaHyflex® silicone sealants are the most appropriate solution.

Natural Stone Joints Sealing Illustration
Natural stone joints

For porous substrates like natural stone, Sika’s advanced polyurethane Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants are recommended.

Translucent Joints Sealing Illustration
Translucent joints

For completely transparent bonding, Sika has crystal clear adhesives such as Sikaflex®, perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor joints.

Application of joint sealant on a concrete building - Envelope System illustration
Concrete joints

For joints in porous substrates like concrete, bricks and masonry, Sika’s advanced polyurethane Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® sealants are recommended.

Application of Sika connection joints for windows installation
Connection joints

For applications where a wide adhesion range is required such as window installations, unique silane-modified polymer ® sealants such as Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex are used.

Bituminous membrane for roofing
Roof systems

From the vapor barrier and thermal insulation up to the roof waterproofing membrane and drainage layers for green roofs, Sika provides comprehensive roof products and solutions.

Learn more about Sika roof solutions.

Application of facade mortars and paints - Illustration
Facade mortars and protection

Sika provides a range of facade mortars and paints, from thermal insulation wall systems to repair mortars.

Adding SikaCim fibers to concrete mix
Concrete admixtures and concrete protection

Whether it’s for cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete façade panels or concrete protection, Sika provides solutions.

Learn more about Sika concrete admixtures and Chemical protection solutions

Application of Sika flooring system on a balcony
Floor systems

Sika provides an array of floor systems, including concrete flooring, floor joints and flooring systems for exterior surfaces such as balconies.

Learn more about floor systems.

Tile Setting System Illustration
Tile setting systems

From grouting to waterproofing tapes and membranes, Sika has compatible tiling system products.

Learn more about tile setting systems.

Fire resistant expansion foam for linear seals
Passive fire protection

Whether it’s to seal a joint between building slabs or a vulnerable penetration on the façade, Sika specializes in passive firestop solutions.

Learn more about passive fire protection.

Facade Panel Fixing Illustration
Facade panel fixing

Installing facade panel systems without screws or mechanical fasteners is possible with Sika’s range of products.

Building envelope system - building component illustration
Building components

From facade glazing fabrication, weather sealing, door and window production sealants, modular building and more, Sika has a range of products and systems.