Aluminum facades enable full use to be made of glass and light in modern architecture. The frame parts assume a minimum area and are nearly invisible in some facade types. Owing to the high strength and low specific weight of aluminum, the opening elements can be much larger than in facades made of other materials. The most diverse opening methods and their combinations can be used.

Perfect Appearance for Weather Sealed Facades

A completed facade must be absolutely waterproof and fulfill highest expectation on quality and optical appearance.

Thus requires high performance Sika weather sealing. The individual elements are ultimately subject to extreme movements due to temperature changes, shrinkage of construction materials, sound, wind and vibrations, which may affect the joints and adjacent elements.

Sika can offer great variety of colors which are compatible with Sikasil® SG and Sikasil® IG grades. Sika does also offer Sika weather seal for highly sensitive natural stones such as granite, marble and sandstone when used on facades.

Sika has special Sikasil® silicone sealants ideally suited for use with extremely sensitive natural stone elements, or connecting metal facades and curtain walls to natural stone elements. They contain no staining compounds that could migrate into the pores of the natural stone. We therefore describe them as non-staining.

Special shaped high-rise building with glass facade

Sikasil® Weatherseals Color Chart

Find a large selection of standard Sikasil® weatherseal colors which Sika is offering. More colors are available including transparent, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the full color chart.

Color chart for weatherseal sealants