Home’s exterior stone facade will prevent its colors from fading, enhance its beauty and protect against the harsh environment. It also makes cleaning easier, lowers the cost of maintenance and extends the life of your stone facade.

Natural stones such as granite, marble and sandstone are beautiful but highly sensitive materials when used on facades. If an inappropriate sealant is used, there will be staining on the joint edges or streaking on the surface, which greatly impairs the optical appearance of the facade. We therefore recommend our non-staining, non-streaking natural stone silicone weather sealant.

Natural Stone Joints Sealing Illustration

The Benefits of Sealing Stone Facade

Stone facades are sensitive to the environment. That is why you should always seal exterior stone facades Over time, exposure to heat and cold, acid rain and strong winds can break down the materials. Sealing stone facade features will protect it from the elements and preserve its color. In addition, an exterior stone sealant application will prevent contaminants from entering the pores of the stone and inhibit staining. It also deters the absorption of substances that can accelerate the deterioration of the stone. Sealing the stone facade simplifies cleaning and helps lower the cost of maintenance.

Key Brands

Siksil® WS

To provide the optimal protection, stone facades usually require resealing every year or two, depending on the climate. Warmer climates often necessitate more frequent resealing. Texas Stone Sealers provides a three year warranty on both their natural matte and glossy finish sealers. We will reseal it once at no cost should it need to be resealed for any reason while under warranty.

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