Joint dimensions and shapes in facades are subject to changes due to thermal expansion and contraction of the building units. The corresponding movements must be accommodated by the sealant in order to protect the inner parts of the building against environmental influences.
Concrete with joint sealing closeup detail

The building blocks of a structure or building, like precast concrete elements or windows, generally do not let water enter into the building. It is at the joints where a building is weakest to leakage. Therefore Sika has a dedicated range of sealants with excellent adhesion on concrete, high movement capability and outstanding weatherability for precast construction. The assembly of structures and buildings from precast concrete elements leads to joints which have to be sealed to ensure water and air tightness. These joints are under constant movement due to thermal expansion of the elements, mechanical loads, vibrations or environmental impacts

Only a high quality elastic sealant will be able to durably compensate this. With Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® quality sealants you are on the safe side. Sika sealants have a long history and countless references in joining precast elements in many applications and comprises solutions for facade, interior sealing and floor joints. Sika products cover different movement classes, chemical resistances, fire resistances and price levels.

Man sealing joints of Musanda Villa structure with Sikaflex Construction+ at very high temperatures
"The movements are either due to the size of the single building units (e. g. precast concrete elements) or the thermal expansion coefficient of different building materials and temperature variations. Additionally, structural movements may play a role as well. Sika’s flexible and long lasting sealants are able to absorb these movements and therefore ensure tight and durable joints."

Example of Construction Concrete Joint Sealing Application

Sealing connection joints in facade with Sikaflex elastic joint sealant
Sealing connection joints in waste water treatment plant with Sikaflex elastic joint sealant
Application of joint sealant on a concrete building - Envelope System illustration
Sealing connection joints with Sikaflex elastic joint sealant