Sika ViscoFlow®-1221 R

Concrete Admixture for High Flow / Self-Compacting Concrete

Sika ViscoFlow®-1221 R is a third generation superplasticiser for concrete and mortar. It is particularly developed for the production of high flow concrete with exceptional flow retention properties and significant reduction in bleeding and segregation.

Sika ViscoFlow®-1221 R acts by surface adsorption on the cement particles producing a sterical separation effect. Concrete produced with Sika ViscoFlow®-1221 R exhibits the following properties:
  • Excellent flowability (resulting in highly reduced placing and compacting efforts)
  • Strong self-compacting behaviour
  • Improved shrinkage and creep behaviour
  • Increased carbonation resistance of the concrete
  • Improved finish
  • Reduce tendency to bleeding and segregation

Sika ViscoFlow®-1221 R does not contain chlorides or other ingredients which promotes steel corrosion. Therefore, it may be used without restriction for reinforced and pre-stressed concrete construction.