Sika® Rokkon C


Sika® Rokkon C is available in cartridge form enclosed in a water permeable membrane and protected by a polyethylene cover.
At the time of application, take the cartridge out of the polyethylene cover and put it in water, allowing enough water through the membrane to form a nonshrink, thixotropic cementitious grout.
Additives in the grout ensure controlled expansion to stabilize the grout and control the water uptake to provide an optimum w/c ratio for high early strengths.
The overall cohesiveness of the grout enables it to be used in wet conditions, even in flowing water without excessive grout washout.  

Sika® Rokkon C will provide the following benefits:
  • Reliability: Laboratory tested pre-packed materials avoid risks of unpropered grout mixing & placing.
  • Non shrink: controlled expansion counteracts shrinkage to provide effective contact with rock
  • Chloride free: develops early strength without the use of chloride and makes it safe to use with embedded steel.
  • Encapsulated: minimizes grout loss from overhead holes or under conditions of running water.