To refine the windows, aluminum-facing formworks are placed on existing windows. The individual aluminum profile formworks are joined to a frame at the mitered corners with conner connectors made from die-cast aluminum and bonded forced-locked.

Waterproofing and Vapor Control Membranes

Durable building constructions need professional water proofing, especially the joints between different components are highly demanding on the building designer.
Accumulated condensation within the wall construction must be transferred outward, while the outer face must withstand rain and wind.

The SikaMembran® system is a vapor control system comprising of various EPDM sheet membranes. They provide a secure and durable vapor barrier and waterproof seal at junctions between building elements. SikaMembran® system is used for curtain walls, ventilated facades and window installations.


  • Highly flexible made of special EPDM
  • Fast, easy and secure application even in corners
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Very resistant to high wind loads (up to 10 kPa)
  • Suitable for uneven sub­strates (blowholes in concrete), leveling of substrate by adhesive

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The Wall Keeps Breathing with Vapor Control Membranes

Sika and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have made various simulation to prove performance of the vapor control concept with SikaMembran System in four different climatic zones.

The simulation showed no humidity accumulation right after the construction phase nor during the following years. This shows that with the Sika Membrane® system, the wall keeps breathing.