Sikafloor®-2 SynTop 2 SCD


Sikafloor®-2 SynTop 2 SCD is a heavy duty cementitious surface topping produced using very high abrasion resistance aggregate (corundum) and special metallic aggregate to provide extra protection against impact. Sikafloor®-2 SynTop 2 SCD toppings exhibit high compressive strengths, resulting in an extremely durable surface finish. Abrasion resistance tests have shown Sikafloor®-2 SynTop 2 SCD to have much higher the wear resistance than that of plain concrete.

  • High impact resistance
  • Ductile and spall resistant
  • Excellent resistance to steel wheel abrasion
  • More economical than steel plate
  • Oil and grease absorption resistant
  • Ready to use and fast curing
  • Can be applied in thickness from 13-50 mm depending on prevailing conditions
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Designed for high abuse areas
  • Quiet under traffic
  • May be used to provide “armoured joints” in conventional concrete slabs