Carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is used for reliable and high performance structural strengthening systems. CFRP based solutions consist of CFRP plates and rods, plus structural epoxy resin based adhesives. These systems are widely used for flexural strengthening of dynamically and statically loaded buildings and other structures such as bridges, beams, ceilings and walls, providing outstanding long-term durability in service.

Sika’s CFRP Based Structural Strengthening Systems Have Many Advantages

Men applying Sika CarboDur carbon fiber plates for structural strengthening
Image: Men applying Sika CarboDur carbon fiber plates for structural strengthening
  • Tested for durability under many demanding conditions to ensure long-term performance in different applications and environments.
  • Fast installation, ensuring minimal down time - no additional plate preparation work and one product for surface filling, priming and bonding.
  • No aesthetic impact, due to external surface and near surface mounted (NSM) applications.
  • Sika® CarboDur® System is available as different profiles (rectangular or round) and dimensions to suit project requirements. Application is possible on flat and curved substrates.
  • Sika CarboStress® pre-stressed strengthening system combined with Sika® CarboDur® CFRP plates forms a unique active external strengthening solution.
  • The shear capacity of concrete beams can be increased with Sika CarboShear System - installation is fast and easy, excellent anchorage is assured and no drilling through the top slab is required.
  • An innovative and patented device, Sika CarboHeater, allows up to 50 times faster curing of adhesives, ensuring rapid installation in all climates.
  • Free Sika FRP design software is available to help engineers and specifiers design the optimum FRP strengthening solution themselves according to the available Sika FRP range, including Sika® CarboDur® plates and rods, SikaWrap® fabrics and cords, Sika CarboStress® system and Sika CarboShear system.

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Sika CarboDur®

See How Sika® CarboDur® FRP Plates Strengthen a Simple Concrete Beam to Carry Much Higher Loads

Free Sika® CarboDur® FRP Design Software

Free Sika CarboDur software for advanced structural design
  • Free software for advanced structural design
  • Includes full range of Sika Structural Strengthening Systems
  • Complex calculations in minimum time
  • Based on international structural codes: ACI 440.2R-17 and ACI 318-14, TR55 and EUROCODE 2 and various local codes
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • User-friendly interface

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