Sika® WT-110 P


Sika® WT-110 P is a combined watertight/superplasticising (HRWR) concrete admixture, used to enhance the workability of and reduce the water permeability of concrete. The product incorporates Sika® ViscoCrete superplasticiser technology and hydrophobic agent and depending on material package will produce watertight concrete at a S3 consistence with a w/c ratio of < 0.45 without the addition of a separate superplasticiser (HRWR).

Sika® WT-110 P has the following characteristics and benefits:
  • Strong water reductions, resulting in higher density, durability and strength.
  • Incorporation of hydrophobic agent to reduce water penetration under hydrostatic pressure and water absorption.
  • Sika® WT-110 P improves resistance to vapour transmission.
  • In combination with a Sika® ViscoCrete® Superplasticiser (HRWR) admixture, SCC can be produced.
  • Packaged in a water soluble bag for ease of dosage.