Official opening of the Golden Store, February 2020
Image: Official opening of the Golden Store, February 2020

Thanks to Parex, Sika Singapore has teamed up with their long-time customer, Aik Chin Hin (ACH), to launch the first Golden Sika Store in Singapore.

Officially opened on February 19, 2020, the Golden Sika store carries a wide range of Sika products, carefully selected to meet the demand in the local distribution sector.

The Golden Sika Store, housed in the central part of Singapore in a busy industrial estate, takes the classic interactive experience and amplifies it with various product exhibits in the store. This allows walk-in customers to visualize and easily understand each product’s applications and utilization, enabling them to select the correct Sika product for their needs.

To ensure the success of the Golden Sika Store, regular product training and hands-on application sessions are given to ACH staff to enable them to answer any customer queries and provide good pre-sales and post-sales service.

ACH maintains a large team of indoor and outdoor sales staff to promote Sika products to their wide network of hardware store customers.

The Sika brand will be rolled out across all five branches in ACH’s network of stores and the five Davco Red Flag Stores, increasing Sika’s brand awareness in the distribution sector while promoting and developing Sika’s range of products in the local market.

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