As Sika’s drive for international expansion continues – with the Strategy 2020 target of 30 new plants and 105 national subsidiaries – one of the company’s home-country production plants recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and is benefiting from its own investment and growth.

Sika Norm in 1968
Image: Sika Norm in 1968

Constant Growth

On June 14, 1968 the Sika Norm factory was opened in Düdingen, Switzerland for the production of membranes. Whilst the development was problematic –construction far exceeded budget and product production was delayed until the following year – the plant recovered well and has since experienced constant growth. 40 years later in 2008 an adhesives plant was opened next door, and in 2012 both plants merged to form Sika Manufacturing AG.

Long-term Commitment to Sustainable Investments

In 2018 Sika’s anticipated output from this combined production area is over 40,000 tons of adhesive, 16 million square meters of membrane, 1.5 million meters of joint sealing tape and 171 tons of injection materials. Thomas Hasler, Head Global Business and Industry at Sika praised the Düdingen site for the positive increase in efficiency: “It has been extremely worthwhile to invest in the Düdingen site and this investment will continue. One element that is key to this success is an open, liberal, innovation friendly, and pragmatic relationship with our neighbors and local authorities so that we can make a long-term commitment to sustainable investments.”

The Düdingen Plant where approximately 200 Sika employees work
Image: The Düdingen Plant where approximately 200 Sika employees work
Düdingen site
Image: In 2012 before the latest developments to improve efficiency

50th Anniversary Celebrations

More than 800 guests enjoyed the 50th anniversary celebrations, which took place over three days with visits from the Ethos Foundation, key local media, politicians, suppliers, employees from other Sika locations, and local Düdingen employees, their families, and neighboring residents. One very important guest was Sika’s former Head of Research and Development in Düdingen, Mario Slongo, who talked about how Sika worked hard to develop new ideas at the site and years later it’s evident how important these developments were for the wider market.