Sika - A Strong Global Brand

Reception of Sika office in China

Sika strongly believes in a single brand strategy with one strong corporate brand and positioning. The brand has proven to be a valuable global asset that provides a seal of quality which our employees, customers and all stakeholders can rely on.

Parex's Asset - Strong Regional Brands

With the acquisition of Parex, new strong regional brands were added to the Sika brand portfolio. They are a valuable asset that Sika will not only leverage, but also respect and treat with the utmost care.

Fast Yet Careful Integration

Sika will not only expedite the integration of the Parex brands, but will also carefully plan and execute the process to ensure that brand value is not being destroyed.

Corporate, in collaboration with expert teams in the countries, will decide on the brand strategy for every country and region. The goal is to further strengthen Sika’s position as a global leader in the construction market.

To ensure that the brand integration process can be carried out efficiently and that internal processes and responsibilities are clear to everyone, Sika's co-branding guidelines were updated and enhanced.

Parex's Strongest Brands


ParexLanko has enjoyed strong recognition in tile adhesives by Builder Merchants for over 40 years with a particularly strong presence in Parex’s home market, France.

Parexlanko logo


Klaukol is the clear market leader in Argentina for ceramic tile setting materials with a brand awareness rate of almost 80%.

Klaukol logo


Davco is the strongest regional brand and the leader in tile adhesives and grouts in APAC with 110,000 point of sales in China alone.

Davco logo


Procurement is the largest area of quick savings. We have secured more than CHF 12 million and further negotiations are on going. We also take this opportunity to review the conditions with our suppliers, and to develop action plans to harmonize our raw materials. This will help us to be more efficient in the long term, and provide our customers with better solutions.

CHF 12 mn
estimated procurement savings

Interview with Eric Lempereur, Head Corporate Target Market Building Finishing

Eric Lempereur
What does it feel like to work for Sika?

I am very proud and excited to work for Sika. Sika was always a benchmark if not The Benchmark for Parex in everything that we did. Hence, the acquisition news was very positive for Parex teams since this was a unique opportunity to join a solid industry-driven group that would offer a larger and very complementary opportunity for growth.

What are the main strengths of the companies?

Sika has now become one of the few top three global leaders in Building Finishing and respective positions are not so distant from one another between those three. Sika offers one of the broadest product and services portfolios within the industry. It is actually amazing to see the diversity of tile setting and facade solutions that we can offer across the world since our product concepts and formulations adapt to local construction practices, climates, living standards and aesthetic requirements. We are able to combine technical performance and functional requirements with aesthetics as well as ease and robustness of application, as in the case of tile grouts and facade finishing. Sika is one of the very few companies able to master construction systems from basement to roof and the connections between the different components of the building envelope. Last but certainly not least, it’s the people that make the difference, and Sika has solid, experienced and enthusiastic teams.

Where do you see the most potential?

Building Finishing is mainly about housing, be it detached houses or high-rise buildings in ever-growing megacities. The new Target Market Building Finishing aims to provide Sika with reinforced access to new home building in fast-developing countries and home improvement and home thermal insulation in the highest income countries. We have a great portfolio of solutions to address both distribution and craftsmen needs. At the same time, our tile setting, facade and interior wall product ranges are currently only significantly being sold in a little more than 40 countries. This provides Sika with a great opportunity to roll-out its building finishing product range in all the other Sika countries. In those countries where Sika and Parex are already both present in building finishing, the respective product range and channels are most often fully complementary, thus paving the way for many cross-selling initiatives.

What will be your tasks in 2020 as the Head of the newly created Target Market Building Finishing at Sika?

My first task is to get to know as many of the 24,000 employees in 101 countries as possible and to learn the Sika way. I still have a long way to go to complete this! All jokes aside, one of the first tasks will be to further develop a growth strategy with the regional and country teams as well as with R&D and all other departments within the group. This is about prioritizing, identifying the key success factors and the way we want to access the market, and preparing adapted product offerings to the country clusters that we target. Building Finishing is a new target market for a number of countries, hence sharing knowledge, best demonstrated practices and training will be at the very heart of our tasks.