Sika AG has received from Ethos Stiftung and eleven other shareholders* who represent together 22,493 bearer shares of Sika with a total nominal value of CHF 13,495.80 the request for an agenda item for the extraordinary General Meeting requested by Schenker-Winkler Holding AG. Ethos and the eleven other shareholders propose the deletion of article 5 of the articles of incorporation (Opting out). The Board of Directors will examine the request and proposal and will comment in due course.

* The eleven other shareholders are Aargauische Pensionskasse, Bernische Pensionskasse, Caisse Inter-Entreprises de Prévoyance Professionnelle (CIEPP), Pensionskasse comPlan, Luzerner Pensionskasse, Anlagestiftung der Migros- Pensionskasse, Pensionskasse Basel-Stadt, Pensionskasse Stadt Zürich, Pictet Funds SA (Ethos), Raiffeisen Futura Swiss Stock, Vontobel Fund (CH) – Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small A.