At the Sika Capital Markets Day, currently taking place in New York, Sika CEO Paul Schuler confirmed the strategic goals for 2020. Citing the motto "Megacities drive Sika’s growth", Group Management members and Sika experts from the United States used the example of New York to illustrate how the urbanization megatrend and the strongly growing large cities are driving Sika's structural growth. In the USA, Sika already generates 37% of its sales in the 20 biggest cities, with New York as one of the leading markets.

Board of Directors
"Innovative Sika technologies meet the challenges posed by urban development today: Here in New York, for instance, these include the construction of high-rise buildings, the implementation of infrastructure projects, increasingly stringent building standards, and refurbishment projects. With our high-performance products and strong customer focus, we want to tailor our organization even more closely to the business potential of megacities and thus also ensure continued growth and achievement of our targets for 2020." Paul Schuler, CEO at Sika

In the last three years, Sika's annual organic growth of 8% in the USA has clearly outpaced the market. This can be attributed, among other things, to major investments in new factories, expansion of the sales organization, and acquisitions close to metropolitan areas and the United States' fastest-growing cities. Thanks to their organizational merger earlier this year, the two regions – North and Latin America – will greatly benefit from each other. Not least of all, the potential of the numerous big cities and conurbations will continue to be exploited, permitting transfers of know-how and technology as well as systematic market development with supra-regional key account customers and large-scale projects.


On Capital Markets Day, Sikais presenting a large number of major projects in New York City – one of the megacities in which the Group has stepped up its investment in recent years to expand both production capacity and sales force.

One of the construction projects presented is Hudson Yards: With its investment volume of USD 25 billion, this is the largest private real estate project ever realized in the USA. Another is the One Vanderbilt high-rise, which on completion will be New York's fourth highest skyscraper. Innovative Sika technologies such as admixtures for high-performance concrete, waterproofing solutions for buildings and structures,and adhesives for architecturally demanding and energy-efficient glass facades, make a significant contribution to the realization of these mega-projects.