Sika opens a new production plant for concrete admixtures near Yekaterinburg, Russia. In the area around the plant, there are five cities with populations of over one million and attractive construction markets. Large parts of the Volga region and Siberia can also be supplied from the new site.

The Ural region, with its capital city of Yekaterinburg, is one of the most prosperous regions in the country. Around 90% of Russia's natural gas and two-thirds of its oil production come from this region. The proximity to clients and shorter transport routes significantly strengthen Sika’s competitive position. The new production plant in Beryozovsky, to the north-east of Yekaterinburg, will thus deliver cost-savings and make it possible to supply customers in this fast-growing region with customized concrete admixtures for demanding construction projects.

Regional Manager EMEA
"With the foundation of the new production site near Yekaterinburg, we are investing in a region that has dynamic growth and a booming construction industry. We have now created the ideal framework for tapping into this potential and further accelerating our growth in Russia." Ivo Schädler, Regional Manager EMEA

The Russian economy and, thus, the construction industry are currently benefiting from increasing investment in infrastructure projects, particularly in transport and energy infrastructure, but also in urban redevelopment programs and the expansion of port and airport capacities. According to estimates, the construction industry is expected to record substantial growth in 2018 and over the next five years.