Sika has further expanded additive production for shotcrete at Spånga, near Stockholm in Sweden, and upscaled to the latest-generation technology. The new process makes it possible to deliver tailored solutions in demanding projects for customers. The primary customer of the set accelerator marketed under the Sigunit® brand is the mining industry, for which a high level of early strength development and maximum safety in shotcrete application is key.

Regional Manager EMEA
"The new technology allows us to offer reliable shotcrete solutions that are tailored to customer requirements in the best possible way. Our customers include leading mining companies that sign long-term supply agreements with us. The potential for growth is not limited to Sweden alone, with mining projects in Finland and tunnel construction projects in Norway and Iceland." Ivo Schädler, Regional Manager EMEA

Solid Growth in Construction Industry in 2021

Although COVID-19 has slowed the construction industry in Sweden too, the turnaround is expected to emerge as early as 2021, with growth of 3.4%. The long-term outlook for the construction sector is positive, mainly driven by investments in infrastructure in the areas of transportation and renewable energies.