Where unity meets versatility: Sika launches a new corporate website. The new website, which can be found at www.sika.com, provides all stakeholders a complete and modern look at the Company's profile and its solutions.

The new corporate website – which has been developed in cooperation with Namics AG, St. Gallen/Zurich, Switzerland – covers a first step. New country sites will follow. The main features encompass a new content-management-system, an e-catalogue, closed user groups (CUG’s), optimized web design and a global navigation structure.

The content-management-system is provided by Day, Basel, Switzerland. Media releases, stock quotes and other pertinent information about Sika's activities are available by accessing the Sika Group section. Concrete producers, contractors, distributors and industrial customers may find hands-on info for their work by accessing the section "Products/Solutions".

The layout system within the new Sika internet visualizes content immediately, even that information which isn’t displayed on the top level of the navigation. System and product-related pages are generated automatically via a specific Product-Information-System (PIM), developed in cooperation with Hybris, Munich, Germany. The design was developed by Ingmar Thies, Thies Design, Vienna/Hamburg.

Where unity meets versatility and usability.