Admixture which serves to maintain the workability / concrete workability can last for a long time to facilitate the workmanship, without reducing the quality / strength of the concrete.

Workability Enhancing Admixture

The construction industry with its various challenging projects is demanding more and more workability time for fresh concrete. Extended workability, controlled over several hours without additional retardation is especially important for urban construction sites with congested traffic, or in remote areas which result in long transportation times. The solution for this demand is Sika ViscoFlow®.  

The key element of the Sika ViscoFlow® technology is a specially designed polycarboxylate etherbased superplasticiser (PCE) enhancing the workability time significantly and allowing for the time needed to transport and place the concrete properly. The initial setting of the concrete is thereby only extended by the additional workability time gained by the use of the new polymer. The workability time can thus be defined based on the requirements.

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