Sika achieved net sales of CHF 4.4 billion in business year 2010. Sales in local currencies thereby increased by more than 10%. Sika grew in all market Regions. Emerging markets advanced strongly, particularly the Regions Asia/Pacific, with 41.4% growth in local currencies, and Latin America, with 18.0% growth.

Sika achieved net sales of CHF 4.4 billion in business year 2010. The company grew organically by 6.1%; acquisitions contributed another 4.1%. Currency translation effects amounted to -3.9%.

Regions developed variously in 2010. In the more mature, higher turnover Regions of Europe and North America, markets recovered slowly, while in emerging markets growth was strong during the whole year. Individual Regions achieved the following growth figures in local currencies: Europe North 4.6%, Europe South 1.7%, North America 8.5%, Latin America 18.0%, IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa) 9.5%, Asia/Pacific 41.4%. Particularly developments in the Regions North America and Asia/Pacific are additionally influenced by acquisitions.

The growth increases that Sika achieved in emerging markets boosted the proportion of sales of these countries within the Group to 36%. 

Sales of products for the building and construction industry rose in business year 2010 by 8.7% in local currencies, acquisitions contributed 4.9%. Growth in sales of products for industrial manufacturing was 16.7% in local currencies, while acquisitions brought 0.6%.