Sika launches a new line of highly reflective roof waterproofing membranes which not only improves the interior climate of the building through reduced surface temperatures but also makes a substantial contribution to the improved performance of reflective rooftop solar systems - for new construction and renovation. Sika's Solar Roof contributes to the environment and improves the solar system performance with highly reflective membranes.

The range of highly reflective roofing membranes, based on the most advanced and proven single-ply polymers and the new generation of liquid applied membranes based on its exclusive MTC polyurethane technology, further solidifies Sika's position as the world leader in providing innovative roofing solutions committed to sustainability and economic performance. In fact, Sika's highly reflective membranes used in conjunction with certain rooftop solar systems actually contribute significantly to improved electrical output and a higher return on investment.

Sika and Solyndra - Combination of Unique Technologies

This launch coincides with the signing of a multi-year sales agreement with Solyndra Inc, manufacturer of a unique tube shaped rooftop solar systems that gains additional efficiency by capturing reflected light from the roof surface and turning it into increased electrical output. This means higher profitability for the investor when used in conjunction with Sika's highly reflective membrane products.

Innovation and Consistency

Sika demonstrates its commitment to the environment and to providing innovative and economical solutions to all stakeholders involved in today's roofing decisions including the solar investor. One more example of Sika's 100 years of innovation and consistency. Sika’s product range features high-quality concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, sealants and adhesives, damping and reinforcing materials, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring as well as roofing (single ply PVC, FPO and Liquid Applied Membrane) and waterproofing systems.